About Sightline Vision AB

Sightline Vision AB was established in 2000. Pontus Jakobsson and Tomas Rönngren, by that time already had many years of experience within 3D-visualization, simulators and virtual reality. We have specialised in advanced 3D-visualization and develop and adapt technology to generate new business benefits and completely new opportunities for our clients.

Our business idea is to simplify complex decisions through 3D-visualization. We create the opportunity for people, in different situations, to understand complex contexts so that they can increase the efficiency of their decision making, through 3D-visualization as the enabling tool.

We visualize projects at all stages within urban planning - from business development, planning, design and construction to sales and rental.

Client benefits, functionality and cost efficiency together with graphic identity and quality must be present and well balanced for 3D-visualization to be a success factor.




Creative and technical development are key to Sightline, and we welcome being challenged! We think that tomorrow's users will be significantly more discriminating and demand clear and easily accessible information.


3D-visualization has been an area of growth for many years. Client interest has however increased significantly in recent years, through lower prices, better quality and more competent assistance from us as supplier to achieve the final goals.

Our Vision and Mission statement, read here.