Technology & Support

The solutions we supply are technical, in the sense that we work with software and web solutions.

Sightline is a technology company, as we develop and supply the Neo4 software. Our production and sales department are co-localized which means that development work is carried out in close proximity to our clients and users and that development focus is on new and improved client utility. We strive to be as attentive as possible to what our customers tell us about our systems and include this feedback in our Sightline development. We also invite clients to workshops to help us structure ongoing development. New versions of Neo4 are released several times a year.

The development of Neo4 started in 2002 and is operated as a product development program with a long term roadmap. Neo4 is based on an in-house developed driving licence training simulator, Roadquiz. Today, ten years later, the software is a fully fledged real time software for 3D architecture models and has a powerful engine from the computer gaming industry.

Both Sightline as a company and our solutions are built on many years of intensive developmental work, advanced computer technology and specialist competence. Our goal is, however, from Complexity to Clarity. - The systems which a user or client
uses are to always be simple to use and give substantial client value.

If you have any specific development requests or completely new ideas, then please contact us. We are very positive to looking at how we can adapt Neo4 to your specific needs.

In our FAQ, you can find some of the most common questions on our Neo4 software.