Partner - Grow with us!

Benefit from our unique technology and our experience.
The need for 3D-visualization is universal. It is needed where urban areas grow.
Neo4 and our total expertise are unique and are adapted to flexible export.

Example of Partner setups.

Match making
In projects or with your clients. You recommend Sightline's products and solutions and in turn strengthen your offer to your client.

Neo4 Urban Planning and Neo4 Turn Key project for end client
You use Neo4 Urban Planning in your own production and sell Neo4 licenses (and your own production) to your clients. Sightline can support when the volumes are large or for very complex production.

Franchise/Joint Venture
We provide a complete package which includes training of 3D-artists, project managers and sales personnel. The package includes reference cases, demos, cost calulation templates, documentation, USPs and access to an experience bank of more than 500 delivered projects.

Become Partner with Sightline!

One of our partners:

Mr Kum Fei Wong, Digital Mirage PTE Ltd Singapore:
'Having worked with Sightline and used their Neo4 product, I must say that their solution really provides our clients with a comprehensive way to visualize and analyze their projects in realtime. I have yet to see a product like this.'