We are proud to have become a trusted partner to most of the large construction and property companies in Scandinavia and of large municipalities and authorities in Sweden. We are, and have been for a number of years, sole suppliers to some of these.

Examples of our clients include architects and consultancies, civil engineering firms, municipalities and authorities who operate within Community and Urban development. Construction companies, Property developers and Real estate agents.

Entering into a framework agreement with us provides both parties with benefits, such as time saving procedures etc. We work together and are focussed on adapting our products so that they are even better adapted to the user. Working closely together generates business benefits for you, our client!

We are interested in your projects and challenges, despite your company's size. We see the framework agreement as an opportunity for both parties to spend less time on negotiation and more time on developing a long term and rewarding relationship.

Jörgen Berkán, Map and GIS Manager, Värmdö Municipality:
'We work with Sightline because they are specialists in this area'
'They are quick and reliable and always deliver good graphic quality'

Assi Abdel-Baki, Information Manager for SL's development of Tvärbanan:
'Our communication with our end-users would not have been successful without the realistic visualization model of Tvärbanan which Sightline supplied.'
'The 3D-model made it simple to show how new extened railway,Tvärbanan, would affect the surroundings, both visually and from a traffic perspective'