Project Manager The City of Stockholm, Danvikslösen, Yussuf Hassen:
'I experienced that the tool actively captured the involvement of decision makers and the community. It provides better support and documentation when making decisions at an early stage, allowing the opportunity to lower construction, operation and management costs in the final stage. The tool contributes to the further democratization of the planning process by providing members of the community with greater opportunities to become involved in and contribute to a project. This leads to better rooted projects and minimises the risk of negative attitudes among the general public and appeals.'

Vice President, Property Company Akademiska Hus i Stockholm AB, Erik Westin:
'After gathering the areas into an overall 3D-model, we have made movies, in Neo, that pan across the city. These models help show how the areas relate to each other. Perhaps the greatest strength of 3D-visualization and Neo has been the ability to simply switch between different proposals or building positions etc. Another strength is the opportunity to test different viewing angles, views of the project from different viewpoints etc.'

'Neo4 is probably the only tool which can visualize a complete property portfolio'.

Project Director JM AB, Ann Margret Haglund:
'A 3D model in Neo4 is, for me, a must at pricing and sales of homes'



Market Communicator HSB Projektpartner/Produktion, Caroline Hedlund:
We have, in a number of cases, chosen to work with Sightline as
they always provide very good service and supply the highest quality.