Based on a market research carried out in 2010 by two students at theRoyal Institute of Technology, as a part of their final exam work, Neo4 as a 3D-visualization tool was discussed in interviews with developers, real estate agents and potential home buyers:

'Neo4 provides a better overview of the project compared with just 3D-Images and a physical model. This is the future.'

'A project which did not have a 3D-model when sales were begun, changed from difficult to sell to a popular project after being visualized in Neo4'

'Good to be able to view both from the inside and the outside' 'potential buyers have a need to retain control, they want to experience the feel of the area, sunlight and location in addition to the information provided by the real estate agent'

Real Estate Agent, Nytt Hem Stockholm AB, Henrik Lenander:
'Neo is a invaluable sales tool which makes clients more certain in their decision-making and therefore generates more business for me'

Property Sales leader, IKEA/IKANO Bostad AB, Jonatan:
"We choose Sightline to Visualise Saltsjövy (in Neo4), to the fact that Neo4 has gained us alot setting prices and during sales of apartments."