3D Animation

Do you have a need for exclusive presentation material, for example for TV and cinema or YouTube? Is film an important part of your strategic marketing plan?

We create photo-realistic films using 3D-modelling, texturing and lighting.Animated movies provides a number of opportunities to communicate just the feeling you are looking for.

Together with you, we develop a so called synopsis which describes the message, feeling and tempo as well as sets the target group which the movie is to be aimed at. We layer photographs, sketches and filmed materials, set the tempo in clipping, direct camera sweeps with sound and music. Everything to provide maximum recipient retention.

The opportunities are unlimited, as we can usually create everything you need to achieve the optimal visualization of your project.






Film is story telling in its purest form. With a well prepared manuscript, we can together rouse an understanding instead of questions. Film is a particularly powerful medium for communicating a message clearly.

A few examples: