3D-Still Perspective Images

Do you need to present a project for which only drawings are available? Do you want to show the features and design of a project? Do you want a selected target group to associate this with their dream home/premises or to present a future traffic solution or urban district in a visionary way?

Then 3D-Still Images is a good solution for you!

A good 3D-Image is a source of information, an interpretation of a vision, an illustration of an idea, a clarification of a message and a silent communication which says more than a thousand words!
It is also a result of our special competencies, which include 3D-modelling, interior design, marketing communication and graphic design, combined with advanced software and powerful computers.

3D-Images are usually an extract or a processed part taken from a larger more complete 3D-model. It is one view, while the 3D-model contains very many views. Neo4, a complete 3D-visualization, Virtual Home Showing and film allow us to provide a solution that more than supplements individual 3D pictures.


  • Photo-realistic quality of materials, texture and light
  • For web or print, unrestricted resolutions and formats
  • Short delivery time
  • Fixed prices