Neo4 X - Turnkey solution

Neo4 is a complete, turnkey solution. It has high graphic quality, can handle very detailed and complex 3D-models and has a user friendly interface.

Demo of features here and here

Neo4 allows home sales agents to simply show prospective buyers how the beautiful inner courtyard will look or what the view from a specific home will be. Study how the sun lights a sitting room during a specific time of day or take a virtual walk through the area. The models are geo-referenced making the time of day, light and shadows completely interactive and correct irrespective of where in the world the project is located.

You perhaps are interested to see how a traffic analysis and simulation looks in relation to the current or future physical plan, to be able to clearly point out the challenges and quickly find solutions - all in realistic interactive 3D.

Neo4 allows you to show where grocery stores, bus stops or cafes are located. You can simply make measurements and show distances in the 3D-model or extract a film or pictures directly from the 3D model. Are you planning to develop an existing property and have received a number of alternatives from an architect? Have you invited submissions to an architecture competition?

Neo4 allows you to work in layers and to quickly switch between different situation alternatives. It is simple to compare these with each other and to see how both the exterior and interior will look. Comment on what you see using arrows, circles and text in 3D. This information can then be exported as a list, which you can share with others who have the 3D-model. You can also publish your Virtual Reality experience / 3D-visualization in Neo4 Web for simple distribution via the web.


Neo4 X Kvarnholmen


  • Simple to use, easy to learn
  • Mature, well tested and well developed
  • No installation
  • Provides an understanding of the whole picture
  • A combined view from different CAD and GIS base data
  • Visualize several aspects and issues at the same time
  • Ultrarealistic graphical quality
  • Current stage in the project right now



Example & Demos