Virtual Reality in Your Smartphone

Neo4Web makes it possible for all kinds of users to in real time interact with very large complex interactive Virtual Reality models, directly over internet, using a smartphone, tablet or PC/MAC.

Neo4Web loads immidiately in the users browser, as fast as any simple page containing images or text.
No buffering as with streaming video, no streaming of 3D model data or dowloading of 3D models or apps or plugins.
With Neo4 Web the user can explore with full quality instantly! 

The quality and performance the user experiences is the same, regardless of what kind of device he is using, the latest one or several years old.

Interactive 3D on the web today exists as Plugins, apps, Java applets, WebGL apps, VRML models etc which all requires installation, upgrading, downloading and most importantly, fast 3D grahpics hardware in the users device.

Neo4 Web doesnt require any of these since all processing is done on the serverside - Server Side rendering. 

If you are able to surf the webm then you can experience rich and immersive 3D visualizations with Neo4 Web!

Suria Residency Pool view

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Neo4 X Web under development.

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Next generation Neo4 X Web demos coming up during 2019.


Current generation Neo4 Web demos:

Masterplaning of the whole island Kvarnholmen in fully interactiv 3D in Neo4 Web

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