Virtual Show Unit

Do you want to invite potential buyers to a showing during the planning stage? Do you want to show a home before it is built and provide clients who live far away with the opportunity to experience a home virtually on your web site?

If you do, then we have the solution. Test it yourself.

Virtual Show Unit allows your clients to visit a future home or premises. Virtual Show Unit means that, instead of being limited to plans and single pictures, your clients can go on a virtual tour, moving from room to room, on your web site or even on the client's mobile telephone, smartphone or tablet (on iPhone/iPad/IOS, Android etc using WebVR tech): Another example(commercial office space).

It's not just simple but fun!

It has a fantastic added value as a supplement to a 3D-model in Neo4 or a decisive factor for the style and interior design conscious purchaser, as it shows all options and target group adapted interior fittings in detail, in an appealing way.

Loft 46 Livingroom
Loft 46 Livingroom
  • Sales personnel, renters, developers, potential buyers
  • Everyone loves it
  • Not limited to Flash Player or PC computers
  • Interactivity and fun to use
  • Photo-realistic quality
  • High ROI
  • Easy to publish and distribute